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LIFE SETTLEMENT BROKER (Individuals & Business Entity)


LIFE SETTLEMENT – Payment of a portion of the proceeds from Life Insurance to an Insured who is terminally ill.

LIFE SETTLEMENT BROKER LICENSE – Authority to advertise/advise a person on availability of life settlement (for fee, commissions or other valuable consideration). Represents only Viator's interests. (REF: Public Act No. 08-175)

LIFE SETTLEMENT PROVIDER LICENSE – Authority to enter into or effectuate a Viatical or Life Settlement contract.

Applicable Statutes:

CGS §38a-465 – see Laws and Regulations


Initial: $66.00
Amendment: $66.00
Renewal: $40.00
No pro-rating, non-refundable $26.00 application fee.


One (1) year – Renews March 31st EVERY year.

How to Apply:

To determine if you need a Life Settlement Broker or Life Settlement Registration, please see Important Information section below.



Residents and Non-Residents must also complete the following:

How to Renew:

How to Amend Lines of Authority:

Not applicable.

How to Reinstate a License:

How to change License information: (ie.: email and address)

Update your License Information

Print a copy of the license:

Search and print a license

Initial Education Requirements:

Anti-Fraud Plan: See “How to Apply” above for details.
Biographical Affidavit: See “How to Apply” above for details.

Waivers due to Designations:


Renewal Continuing Education (CE) Requirements (C.G.S 38a-465a(p)):

Cancel the license:

License Cancel/Termination

Important Information:

Life Settlement Registration

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