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A Third Party Administrator (TPA) is an entity that collects premiums, underwrites, adjusts or settles claims on behalf of a life, annuity or health insurer.
Applicable Statutes:
see Laws and Regulations
Fees: (No Pro-Rating or Refunds)
Initial: $500.00
Renewal: $450.00
One (1) year. Must renew annually on or before September 30th.
How to Apply:
TPAs must either be licensed or registered with the Department.
How to Apply - All licensing is through the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR)

How to Register - Entities exempted by statute from TPA licensure, but perform some eTPA service must register with the Department. A list of exemptions for licensure may be found on the TPA registration form.
How to Renew:
License TPA Renewal
TPA Register Contact:
How to Amend Lines of Authority:
Not applicable
How to change License information: (ie: demographics)
Update your License Information
TPA Register Contact:
Print a copy of the license:
Search and print a license
TPA Register Contact:
Initial Education Requirements:
Third Party Administrators Information
Waivers due to Designations:
Not applicable
Renewal CE Requirements:
Third Party Administrators Information
Cancel the license:
Important Consumer Information:
List of Third Party Administrator Registration (TPA)

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