State of Connecticut
Connecticut Insurance Department

TRAVEL PRODUCER - (Limited Lines)

The Act defines "designated travel retailers" as business entities that arrange or offer travel services and are designated by a duly licensed limited lines insurance producer to offer and disseminate travel insurance to residents of Connecticut on such producer's behalf.
Producer - Travel Limited Lines:
Authority to solicit, negotiate or sell Travel Insurance ONLY.
Applicable Statutes:
Public Act No. 17-187 - see Laws and Regulations
Changes to the Licensing Requirements Applicable to Individuals and Business Entities Marketing Travel Insurance Products: Bulletin L-22
Initial: $750.00
Renewal: $650.00
Late Fee: $1,300.00
Reinstatement: $750.00
No Pro-Rating, non-refundable $100.00 application fee
Business Entities: Two (2) years. Expires January 31st every EVEN year.
Individual: Two (2) years. Expires Birth Date every OTHER year
How to Apply:
Apply at National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR). Select “Apply for License.”
How to Renew:
How to Amend Lines of Authority:
Not applicable
How to Reinstate a License:
How to change License information: (ie: email and address)
Update your License Information
Print a copy of the license:
Search and print a license
Initial Education Requirements:
Waivers due to Designations:
Renewal Continuing Education (CE) Requirements:
Connecticut does not require CE for any Limited Lines Travel Only.
Cancel the license:
License Cancel/Termination