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PUBLIC ADJUSTER (Individual & Business Entity)

PUBLIC ADJUSTER - Any person who or which practices, as a business, the adjusting of loss or damage by fire, or other hazard, under any policies, on behalf of the insured, or who advertises or solicits business or holds themselves out to the public as engaging in such adjusting as a business. Lawyers settling claims of clients shall not be deemed to be insurance adjusters.
Applicable Statutes:
CGS §38a-723 - see Laws and Regulations
Initial: $300.00
Renewal: $250.00
No pro-rating, non-refundable $50.00 application fee
Two (2) years. Expires April 30th every EVEN year.
How to Apply:
National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR)
How to Renew:
National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) - Renewal notices are emailed about 60 days before expiration date.
How to Amend Lines of Authority:
Not applicable
How to change License information: (ie: demographics)
Update your License Information
Print a copy of the license:
Search and print a license
Initial Education Requirements:
Not applicable
Waivers due to Designations:
Not applicable
Renewal CE Requirements:
Not applicable
Cancel the license:
License Cancel/Termination

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