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SURETY BAIL BONDS (Individual & Business Entity)

SURETY BAIL BOND AGENT - Any person who executes an undertaking of bail in this state on behalf of a Surety company. License AND appointment are required prior to acting in this capacity.
Applicable Statutes:
CGS §38a-660 - see Laws and Regulations
Fees: (No Pro-Rating or Refunds)
Initial: $250.00
Renewal: $100.00
Two (2) years. Expires January 31st every EVEN year.
How to Apply:
Bail Bonds Regulation
How to Renew:
Bail Bonds Regulation - Renewal notices are emailed about 60 days before expiration date.
How to Amend Lines of Authority:
Not applicable
How to change License information: (ie: demographics)
Bail Bonds Regulation
Print a copy of the license:
Search and print a license
Initial Education Requirements:
Bail Bonds Regulation
Waivers due to Designations:
Not applicable
Renewal CE Requirements:
Not applicable
Cancel the license:
Important Consumer Information:
Pursuant to CGS §38a-660, anyone who has even been convicted of a disqualifying offense shall be ineligible for a Surety Bail Bond Agent License.
Disqualifying offense means A) a felony; B) a misdemeanor if an element of the offense involves dishonesty or misappropriation of money or property; or C) a misdemeanor under section §21a-279, §53a-58, §53a-61, §53a-61a, §53a-62, §53a-63, §53a-96, §53a-173, §53a-175, §53a-176, §53a-178 or §53a-181d.

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