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ADJUSTER - A person who investigates, negotiates and settles losses for an insurance carrier. They must establish the how, when, where and why during the investigation of the insured's claim. They represent the insurance company and acting for the company in working on agreements as to the amount of a loss and the liability of the company in same. They must establish the worth and value of the claim in the evaluation and, ultimately, they must authorize payment, negotiate an agreement or reject the claim.
CASUALTY ADJUSTER - Casualty Adjuster means any person who or which acts as an adjuster of insurance claims, other than life, accident and health, and fire and extended in the general practice of law are exempted.
Applicable Statutes:
CGS §38a-792 - see Laws and Regulations
Initial: $130.00
Amendment: $130.00
Reinstatement: $130.00
Renewal: $80.00
No pro-rating, non-refundable $50.00 application fee
Two (2) years. Renews June 30th every ODD year.
How to Apply:
  • No pre-licensing course is required before taking the Adjuster exam. (Study Material)
  • To download the License Handbook and schedule the exam.
  • After passing the exam, apply at National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR). Select “Apply for License.”
    (Note: you do not need to submit the passed examination, the Department will verify this information with our vendor.)

Non Residents:

Non Residents claiming DHS:
  • Connecticut issues Non-Resident DHS status to an individual who resides in a state with no Adjuster licensing
  • After passing the exam, apply at National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR). Select “Apply for License.”
How to Renew:
How to Amend Lines of Authority:
Apply at National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR). Select “Add Line of Authority.”
How to Reinstate a License:
After June 30th each ODD year, reinstate the license by going to National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR). Select “Apply for License.”
How to change License information: (ie: email and address)
Update your License Information
Print a copy of the license:
Search and print a license
Initial Education Requirements:
No pre-licensing course is required. (Study Material)
Waivers due to Designations:
Renewal Continuing Education (CE) Requirements:
Connecticut does not require CE for any Adjusters.
Cancel the license:
License Cancel/Termination
Important Information:
Renewal FAQs